A Party in the Jungle

Mrs Fox has always found it easier to create a party around a theme, and one of the first things to do is pick the colours.  I usually choose three colours, by defining them I can unify the look and feel of the party.  I try not to do the whole pink for girls and blue for boys thing, so one of my favourite parties is Mrs Fox’s Party in the Jungle.
Mrs Fox's Party Boxes -  A Party in the Jungle

Mrs Fox created her first Jungle Party for two little 4 year old boys who love animals, Archie and Morrie.  

We had a great idea for the invitation.  We created a kit to make a monkey mask using a paper plate, felt and elastic, and it is one of our very best invitations to date. “The Monkeys are breaking out of the zoo!  They're gong to Archie and Morrie's party in the jungle, why don't you come too?” said the invitation.  When Archie and Morrie gave out their invitations at school the sense of excitement was palpable.

Mrs Fox's Jungle Invitations are a monkey mask

We continued the monkey theme with our Mrs Fox’s No Tears Monkey Musical Bumps game.  We also had a crocodile pinata. A jungle themed pass the parcel. And a jungle birthday cake decorated with the Wild Bunch, four beautiful origami animals that we stock in the Mrs Fox’s shop.

On the day of the party Mrs Fox decorated the hall with a colour scheme of greens and orange, for the the tableware, balloons and decorations.  We created orange and green crepe paper bunting.  We made curtains of trailing jungle vines using garden twine and strands of green crepe paper.   We hung inflatable monkeys from and stuck chocolate bugs onto the vines and the children wripped them to shreds with glee at the end of the party.

Each child took home a drawstring cotton party bag containing, another of the origami animals, pencil, stickers balloon and chocolate jungle animals.  We used a jungle animal themed cup cake kit to decorate individual cup cakes for each child and these were wrapped in little compostable cellophane bags to take home.

We now sell this party on our website as one of Mrs Fox’s Party Boxes - A Party in the Jungle.  Created with care and attention to detail this party has a handmade and home made feel.  We include detailed advice and ideas to add to the jungle fun. 

Mrs Fox's Party Boxes, A Party in the Jungle

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