Mrs Fox's Studio - Part One

Every morning, for about 10 weeks now, in that moment before being totally awake, when you go over the day before and the day to come Mrs Fox has been distracted by dreams of her new studio:   

Will there be enough light?  Do I use the old desk from the spare room, or buy a new one?  Once I have my vintage school cupboards in there, where will I put all the DVDs that have been stored in them for the last 4 years?  Do I wait to order those wall lights off the internet for the free delivery offer I know will come soon?   What am I prepared to bid on ebay for a brass fox knocker for the door?  Is the vintage French decorative toile 6 branch leafy chandelier a bit of an extravagance...

mrs fox's studio items

This was our old garage at the end of the garden:  

old garage

And that is an attractive picture of it; covered in wisteria, photoshopped and everything!  When we moved in the garage doors were locked and once we got them open we discovered why.  They wouldn't close.  The roof was asbestos and leaked.  The steps at the side were a siren song to every toddler who wished to practice their rock climbing and flying abilities.  After working with an engineer, builders fuelled by cups of tea, getting lots of inspiration from pinterest, and despite a few set backs, things are moving along nicely and there is an end in sight:

mrs fox's studio build

In the meantime my house is slowly creaking under the strain of the lack of storage.  The laundry room is rammed with things from the garage. I am attempting to make all of Mrs Fox’s Christmas pieces, not to mention our party-wares, at the kitchen table as the spare room that used to be Mrs Fox making room is now completely full of everything that used to be housed in the garage that isn’t in the laundry room.

We live in a small cottage in Hertfordshire and as getting a whole “room of one’s own” is a bit of a luxury, we are also building a playspace for the children underneath the stairs to the studio.  Not sure what Mr Fox is getting out of it... 

The happiness of his little clan.  Maybe I had better get him a really good Christmas pressie.  Any suggestions anyone?  

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