All Nearly Done - Competitions, Parties, Boxes and a Studio

Since Valentines day it has been a rather crazy busy week or so. I have not updated our blog as I have simply fallen into bed exhausted every night with nothing to say and fingers too tired to type.  There is still time to get involved with the 'imapiece' Craftivist Jigsaw Project and sign the Save the Children epetition.  I know that we have not published the winner of the vintage Ladybird book - Learning to Sew yet, so, here it is:

What have we been doing?

Well, it's been half term and here at Mrs Fox's February is party month.  We have parties this month including three of our own little foxes and Mr Neil Fox.  Mr Fox is 40 and obviously found turning 40 more traumatic than a celebration.  I must admit I was surprised.  I thought it was only women who greeted the passing of such a milestone with such undisguised dread.  When I said I really needed to update our blog he gave me full permission to use his trauma as an excuse for my neglect.

On the other paw it is always a joy to work on a party for the little foxes.  We always get to be so much more inventive with our own parties as, to be honest, we can talk our own little foxes into things we wouldn't try out on a client.  As I knew we would be particularly busy this February I had warned my little ones that it was going to be small parties this year and they could have a little garden party in the summer with their friends to make up for it.  Little Una Fox will turn 7 next Wednesday and we have worked on a Peacock Party to celebrate.  What is a Peacock Party I hear you cry.  Well here is the moodboard and which includes Una's picture that inspired the whole thing, further details and some great 'how to'-guides will follow shortly.
children's party theme peacocks

Mrs Fox's first Crafty Box is due to be sent out soon and the finishing touches are just being added to  a great new project from Mrs Fox's.  We will be sending out a Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes every month filled with themed children's craft projects and a variety of ideas and suggestions around that month's theme to fuel your child's imagination and aid you in developing their interest and enthusiasm for making things.  If you are interested in subscribing to Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes further details are here please email us if you are interested.

And finally Mrs Fox is, almost, nearly ensconced in her new studio.  There is much still to do and the smell of paint and floor sealant is almost overpowering.  But it makes me so happy to sit in here and type this blog post.
craft studio

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