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Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng
Magnetic Wallpaper by Sian Zeng

We Mrs Foxes went to Pulse-London on the weekend.  Pulse is a trade show that brings together over 600 of the latest lifestyle brands in London organised into five distinct show sectors: Home, Gift, Fashion Accessories, Wellbeing and Launchpad.  So, although Pulse is not exactly aimed at the children's market we wanted to have a look at what was out there, catch up with some favourite designers and see what was new.  The Launchpad section brings together the "hottest new inspirational design-led products", designers new to Pulse in plain English, and was by far the most exciting section. Here are some of our favourites:

Sian Zeng's magnetic wallpaper (see above) is fabulous.  It illustrates a fairytale forest with hedgehogs, frogs and houses.  Magical creatures including birds, flying pigs, geese riding lamas and speech bubbles can then be added to the paper, all held in place magnetically.  Her cushions, prints and cards are in the same vein, and I want her stuffed cloth scissors for my studio.

Jack the Clown Beakers

Butterscotch and Beesting have added to their remarkable circus of wonder, which was already one of our firm favourites, with Jack the clown ceramics above and more from Bumblewick Beesting, the magician whose circus parade creates gorgeous patterns on homewares including lampshades and cushions.

Ruby Ruth Dolls

Ruby Ruth Dolls are handmade partly from recycled fabrics, with huge button eyes.  We loved them, Mrs Jackie Fox found herself drawn to rubbing their oversized tummies again and again.  Jenny, their creator, told us she is also working on a stop frame animation with these characters. 

Ketchup on Everything's U is for Unicorn

And the great retro kids prints by Kay Vincent from Ketchup on Everything.  She creates these wonderful animal alphabet designs on prints, placemats, posters and tea towels.

Lion Paper Costume

OMY Design and Play is a French company whose playful graphics cover prints, vinyl stickers, placemats, posters and the wonderful paper costumes above.

Sinead O Moore's porcelain tealights

Finally, nothing to do with children this one, I just loved Sinead O Moore's beautiful, fragile porcelain ceramics.  The tealights are exquisitely delicate, like the petals of a flower, and it is my birthday next week so I will be treating myself.  You can find her at Greenwich Market in London most Sundays.

So many clever, creative people it was all very inspirational.

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