Ladybird Tuesday - Talkabout the beach

Talkabout the beach was  published in 1974, compiled by W Murray, illustrated by Eric Winter, Harry Wingfield and Martin Aitchison. 

“All the books in this talkabout series are designed to stimulate conversation between child and adult, encourage the early growth of vocabulary, assist mental development and provide a sound basis for future progress in reading and general awareness.”

We’ve been having such a lovely time this summer hols and visiting the beach is one of those classic summer time activities that young children get so much from.  It has also been something of an inspiration for this month’s Crafty Box, due out soon.   The little foxes and I have been having fun developing the various crafts and activities in this month’s box, if you would like to pre-order one click HERE.

So, this book, another in the Ladybird’s Talkabout series, is perfect for this month’s Ladybird Tuesday post. The usual classic Ladybird illustrations depict the typical delights of the british seaside resort.  Well, from my childhood anyway though I must admit we did not see quite so many donkeys and Punch and Judy shows on our last visit to the beach.

Despite the nostalgia the beach games...

...and the puzzles portrayed in the book still amuse my little foxes.

It seems that these ladybird books are timeless, just as a child's love of the beach is also.

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  1. Oh we had this one when I was little, I remember the front cover! Love the traditional seaside activities, I don't think I've ever seen donkeys on the beach!


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