A Circus Party

The brief for this party was:
"Bianca likes animals in general... While Bianca is also absolutely CRAZY about ballerinas right now, I'm afraid a ballerina theme might not play well to the boys at the party... I'm also thinking of hiring someone to play music, since I saw someone who hired a Caribbean drummer for her daughter's party and the kids loved it. Bianca loves to dance."
And with that we created Mrs Fox's Circus Party.  We designed 8 characters, each invitation displayed a different character and these were then used in a treasure hunt game.

We created a craft for the children to make a cardboard peg leg circus horse at the party:

We provided co-ordinating cup-cake kits, balloons, paper straws, bunting and finally party bags with craft kits to make two more of our circus characters;

This party is available to purchase via Mrs Fox's Party Boxes, just drop us an email for details; info@mrsfoxs.com.  We work with a professional printer and can send the personalised invitations and thank you cards along with party bags to your door.  Or we can provide personalised printables emailed directly to you.

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  1. Bianca's party was beautiful! Everyone received an invitation with a different circus character. At the party we had a scavenger hunt for cards with the same characters. There was also a horse craft to do at the party, and the strong man or acrobat in the gift bag to take home and assemble. There were cake and cupcake toppers with the same theme. I impressed the pants off of all the other parents. They all told me, wow, your so organized! (It was thanks to Mrs. Fox.) I think the best part about it all was just how gorgeous every detail was. Mrs. Fox really has an eye for beauty, sentiment and fun! You could see the love and care that went into each decoraton, toy and activity. And the kids had a blast!


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