The postman brings promises

seed packets

I got back from the Farmer's market this morning with a heavy basket, part of my major new years drive to buy local, seasonal produce. 

The postman had been and the veg seeds I ordered at the beginning of the week lay on the floor in the hall.  Bea had decided to attack them as they came through the letterbox; part of her major new drive to seek and destroy all who threaten our home, real and imagined. 

Fortunately the seeds were well enough packaged to have survived.  Thank you Thompson & Morgan, not just for your conscientious packaging, but also for the hours of fun day-dreaming as I peruse your website for inspiration these cold winter months.  The promise of the new year is all here contained in these little paper packages.

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  1. Indeed the promise of Spring, if you are one who believes Spring starts on the 1st March as opposed to the 21st (and I know the debate continues) then Spring is indeed just a month away, time to start planning our gardens, even if it is wet and dreary outside, a little dreaming does us all good!

    1. Oh I agree, we've got to hold onto the dreams of Spring.


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