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Mrs Fox has plans, crafty Mrs Fox...

Once upon a time there was a very crafty Mrs Fox.  She was a loving mother and enjoyed nothing more than getting creative making things with - and for - her littles foxes.  As soon as one of their birthdays came around, she would start planning, making and finally throwing, the best party she could muster.  Very soon she was being asked to create parties for her friends little ones too and so she found herself gainfully employed doing something she relished.

Mrs Fox had taken her own littluns to many parties and it had become clear to her that far too much throwing away was involved at the end.   Not to mention how much appeared in the party bags that she took home and discreetly binned.  Once out of the bag the contents were usually disregarded, discarded and quickly forgotten.

Thus Mrs Fox's plan more or less created itself.  She would help other parents to put on fun, creative parties for their children that did not involve feeding the worlds land-fills.  Her partywares, wherever possible, would use natural products, products that are biodegradable, recycled or repurposed.  The criteria for party gifts; to include keepsakes, be imaginative, often craft based, something perhaps a little nostalgic and always fun.

Mrs Fox does not claim that she will never, not ever, use plastics but she does claim that every item she selects will have been deliberated over with care and consideration.
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