Handmade Christmas Cards - The Snowman.

This is yet another unbelievably easy Christmas card design and there are two ways to achieve the final result.  If you get your pieces cut and prepared beforehand, your little one's can just stick the paper in place and the card will see them proud.

You will need;

  • card/heavy paper/old Christmas card
  • white paint
  • paintbrush (or finger)
  • glue
  • scraps of wrapping paper and/or fabric
  • cardboard
  • marker pen


  1. Using scraps paper or fabric, cut out a hat shape, a carrot shaped nose and a scarf
  2. Paint one large white circle towards the bottom of the card and another on the top of this, then smudge some white paint around underneath the bottom circle (**)
  3. When the paint is dry, stick the hat on top of the top circle, the scarf around the neck and the carrot shape where you want the nose to be
  4. Using marker pen or scraps, make some dots for eyes and buttons
  5. Using thin strips of cardboard, cut and stick on 'twig' arms
  6. Using a finger or the end of a chop stick, dot flakes of snow around the snowman          
**Instead of using paint, cut out a wave of white, then a large and a small circle and use these for the head and body of your snowman before adding his accessories.

This one below was made using an old card for the background and cut paper for the snow and the snowman.

Mrs Fox's loves to craft and create and celebrate the festive season with hand-made creations.  This year we are doing a series of posts on handmade Christmas cards you can create with your children, or for even more ideas check out our "Handmade Cards" pinterest board.


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