maran eggs in incubator

Our Maran eggs came 21 days ago and so are due to hatch today.  They are presently in Little Louis Fox's class room so that he, and the rest of his classmates, get to experience the excitement of our newest members of our feathered menageries birth.

quail egg

The quail chicks laid their first egg yesterday.  They have matured really quickly and are big enough now to be living outside.  They sleep in an old rabbit hutch while I renovate a chicken house and run for their permanent home.

young japanese quail

 They get moved to an outside run every day where the rest of the chickens and the dogs seem to find them fascinating.

quail chickens dogs and children
The quail's first day outside
The chickens are very curious creatures, they do like to keep an eye on things in the garden, and in the house for that matter.

hen chicken

Hot off the iphone: - The first Maran chick has hatched;

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