Snowdrops and Snow Drops


The snowdrops have been out for several weeks now.   I thought that they were heralding the beginnings of spring but now that the snow is falling I'm not so sure.

Our duck eggs hatched four weeks ago now.  Only one tho.  Having done a bit of reading I'm now pretty sure we should have helped the other 2 eggs that looked to be viable, but I applied chicken knowledge to ducks and we didn't.  So our single duckling has become something of a house pet:

duckling in apron

S/he liked to sit in my pocket while I worked, follows the children around the house and generally enjoys the run of the house.  Not so fortunate are her cousins the garden hens.  They have been living outside in a slowly thickening mud slick of a chicken run.

chicken run

I've been feeling sorry for the hens and getting fed up with slip sliding through the mud to feed them.  So, I contacted our regular tree surgeons for some wood chip which Beau has been enjoying digging through:

Several back breaking hours later I have a chicken run that looks like new:

Even in the snow (which is now a lot deeper) they are looking much happier.  Although they still prefer to be out and about in the garden:

Damson the hen

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