Another Fox

 I call him Foxy Loxy, some say he looks a little sinister but I think he is smiling! 

Our First First Birthday Party

Mrs Fox has just created her first First Birthday Party Box.  Made for little Bianca in Washington D.C. we shipped it earlier this week.
We took as our inspiration friendly jungle animals and used a pallet of soft yellow, blue, orange and white.  The centrepiece of our party box is a hand made  keepsake bunting.  And here's how we made it:-
The bunting is primarily made of craft paper, but hanging from the paper  bunting  are yellow cotton elephants each with a letter  from Bianca's name  appliqued  onto them.  This cotton bunting can be  detached  from the  main  and  restrung onto it's ribbon to be hung in Bianca's room as a keepsake.
We cut 14 paper circles out of craft paper, using a saucer as a template. Then onto the outer edge of eachof these we painted  a strip of white, yellow, orange and blue.  Having cut a scalloped edge onto each circle, we then painted the letters "happy 1st birthday" onto the centre of each.  With 2 holes on either side of the circle we strung them onto 12" of yellow ribbon.

After designing a simple elephant shape on card we cut a front and back and sewed them together  with blanket stitch using embroidery silks in burgundy, each was stiffened with a piece of card  and stuffed with scraps of fabric.
Each letter was then drawn and the shape cut from a different piece of fabric and sewn onto  the  elephant shape.  An eye was added with the same burgundy silks. A loop of  burgundy and  yellow  ribbon attached to the top allows the elephant  to be hung from the  paper bunting.  We  hope  Bianca loves it, along with the rest of her party box.
Mibo's Wild Bunch, paper animals to decorate the party venue;  Meri Meri Animals on Parade cup cake kitBalloons in co-ordinating  yellow, blue, orange and white; Party favours were sugar mice individually wrapped with a mini elephant felt tag  commemorating  the big day.  So all that remains to be said is;

"Happy First Birthday Bianca!"

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