Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - Whitstable

The Foxes (All of them!), are now off on holiday, but here's what we did last week:

Photo by Penny Mayes
Hurray for the summer holidays and with this month’s crafty boxes theme being the beach we thought a trip to the seaside could not be missed.

We went to Whitstable and as so often when we go I find myself coming home to peruse Rightmove for houses and scour the train timetables into London for the hubby’s commute.  I love the seaside and dream of living closer to the ocean.

I love watching the little foxes amusing themselves on the shoreline, finding interesting stones and shells, ...

...and investigating jellyfish,

....and oyster mounds.

The children did not appreciate the oysters themselves but Mr Fox and I love to eat and drink the local beers at the Royal Oyster Exchange.  It can be busy, but the food is great and the beers from local brewers are delicious, I especially like the stout.  Kid’s portions are available, and although often busy it is the type of vibe tolerant of young families.  Being so close to the beach means you can save dessert for an ice-cream and beach walk to off-set some of those yummy extra calories.

And after we got home, little Una fox could not wait to make something from the shells she’d collected, more inspiration for this months craft boxes,  if you would like to order for delivery after 30th August, click HERE.  

There are so many things to make with shells and Little Una Fox has become quite obsessed using her book from her granny to identify them and collaging using old shell illustrations I have downloaded from the internet.  If you'd like to have a go yourself here are some for you to download, click on the pictures below:


Ladybird Tuesday - Talkabout the beach

Talkabout the beach was  published in 1974, compiled by W Murray, illustrated by Eric Winter, Harry Wingfield and Martin Aitchison. 

“All the books in this talkabout series are designed to stimulate conversation between child and adult, encourage the early growth of vocabulary, assist mental development and provide a sound basis for future progress in reading and general awareness.”

We’ve been having such a lovely time this summer hols and visiting the beach is one of those classic summer time activities that young children get so much from.  It has also been something of an inspiration for this month’s Crafty Box, due out soon.   The little foxes and I have been having fun developing the various crafts and activities in this month’s box, if you would like to pre-order one click HERE.

So, this book, another in the Ladybird’s Talkabout series, is perfect for this month’s Ladybird Tuesday post. The usual classic Ladybird illustrations depict the typical delights of the british seaside resort.  Well, from my childhood anyway though I must admit we did not see quite so many donkeys and Punch and Judy shows on our last visit to the beach.

Despite the nostalgia the beach games...

...and the puzzles portrayed in the book still amuse my little foxes.

It seems that these ladybird books are timeless, just as a child's love of the beach is also.

This post is part of the Ladybird Tuesday linky started on the Being Mrs C blog, take a look at her posts here.

The rest of Mrs Fox's Ladybird Tuesday posts are here and if you have a collection of Ladybird books, please do feel free to join in.

And the winner is ...

Emma Clements..., enjoy your copy of this gorgeous book!


Crafting in the Garden

It was a funny old day yesterday wasn't it?

There are the little foxes at the beginning of the day, yes, those are snails all over her hand:

And here we were at the end:

All hard at work testing the crafts for this month's kid's craft box that we are due to send out soon and available for pre-order on the website here.

How does your garden grow? - Summer Hol's Edition

From the allotment - yellow squash, courgettes, french beans, broad beans, spinach, beetroot, gooseberries and raspberries
I’ve not managed to join in with this linky in the last few weeks, but I’ve had fun looking at the other gardens.  They are an inspiration. 

Over at Mrs Fox’s HQ the garden and allotment, have been doing well due mostly to the sensational weather rather than my diligence.  We have been reaping the rewards with yummy scrummy fresh food.   Today I cancelled my Abel and Cole order for the next 4 weeks; "Yes!" I love it when I get to this time of year.

I am a more dedicated gardener when the reward is food.  Although, I have to say, my allotment is anything but pretty, unlike Mamasauras’ grandad’s veggie garden, which is a sight to behold.  My newest little herb patch is perhaps the prettiest thing to look at.

mint, marjoram, thyme, lemon balm, chives, 
I think it really important to teach my children where their food comes from, as well as introduce them to the wonderful tastes of unadulterated fresh fruit and veggies.  I blog more about that here, on a post where you can also win a copy of Belle & Boo And The Yummy Scrummy Day.

So, that is what I have to show you this week, all the yummy scrummy food growing in our gardens...



potatoes - most of the flowers are dead so we'll be eating them soon;

On the studio balcony are yellow squash, challenging the courgette's in the allotment for most productive..

and winter squash that are not ready yet but hidden under all that foliage are the gourds.

Our grape vine has gone mad this year, huge quantity of grapes and crazy amount of leaves. The vine climbs over a pergola that creates a wonderful shady space in the centre of the garden that the little foxes have been using as their studio for their outdoor arts and crafts.  And we use the vine leaves to make dolma. 

I've also an eye to the future, on or dog walks we are scouting out our autumn scrumping sites, I’ve been watching the damsons for months...

21 May 2013
29 July 2013
Blackberries are mostly still green and hard but we spotted one...

All in all I am loving this summer holiday with the little foxes in the garden, playing, making, eating and enjoying the sunshine.  How's it going for you?

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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