Cowboy Party - Plans are afoot...

Plans are coming along for the cowboy party and the little foxes are getting very excited. We had a photo shoot yesterday for the picture we plan to use on the invitation.

The little guests  will be invited to add a signed hand print to a "totem pole" when they arrive and will get a sheriff's badge sticker to wear.

We are going to start the party with a craft; making native american head dresses.  Children who finish early, or lose interest, can play in the wigwam or pan for gold in our sandpit.  If they find gold nuggets amongst the sand they can exchange them for gold (chocolate) coins at the bank.

Our table deco is looking fab, each child will get a paper cowboy hat at their place setting.  After a birthday tea of beans and hot dogs, tortillas and pop-corn, and blowing out the birthday cakes, we'll have games.  As we have two age groups there will be slightly different versions of some of the games.  We'll have; Pin the Tale on the Donkey, Musical Burro's,(our take on musical chairs) with hand made hobby horses as prizes and Pass the Parcel.  We're using the beautiful Belle and Boo Cowboy and Indian badge set as prizes for some games.  A bit of a disco (looking forward to putting the music together for that!) and home time with cowboy bandanas containing a sheriff's badges, sweets, balloons and cake as the party bags.

As the hobby horses and decorations take shape I'll put up some more pictures.  We'll have this whole party packaged as a Mrs Fox Party Box and on sale in the shop in a few weeks time, so look out for that!

A Cowboy and Indian Party

This year my own little foxes are going to share a birthday party, and we have agreed on a Cowboy and Indian theme.  They have given me lots of suggestions, including a guest list that includes half the world it seems!

I think the inspiration for their choice of theme has come from Pixar's Toy Story, my little foxes love to play make believe with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. A beautiful wigwam we got last summer from Clothkit.  And from an amazing book we have called The Toughest Cowboy: Or How the Wild West Was Tamed by John Frank with rich detailed illustrations by Zachary Pullen.

Una will be 6 and is very insistent on having her own cake and dressing like Jessie from Toy Story.  Louis will be 3 and is just excited at the idea of having a party.

At the moment I am still getting ideas together and prototyping hobby horses (pictures soon).

Belle and Boo Partyware

Belle&Boo Party

It was several years ago that my husband introduced me to the work of Mandy Sutcliffe, the artist behind Belle & Boo.  He went to art college with Mandy and bought our daughter, Una, 2 of the her books; Night Ride to Nanna’s and Evie’s Seaside Lullaby.  Both of these books, have remained firm favourites. I think this is because they so vividly mirror stories from Una’s own young life; the drive to her beloved Granny North’s house and when her little brother was born.

Belle & Boo are two of Mandy’s favourite characters.  Belle in her vintage clothes with bobbed hair and her best friend the adorable rabbit, Boo are charmingly nostalgic.  Mandy’s deceptively simple, clean illustrative style captures these precious, vivid moments of childhood friendship.

This spring Belle & Boo have launched a range of partyware, including invitations, a birthday bannercups, plates, napkins, cake frill and cup-cake wraps, a pin the tale on the donkey game and my favourite a treat donkey and cart.  We are so excited to be selling them!

And it has given Mrs Fox the opportunity to include a few other items from the Belle and Boo range.  Take a look at the beautiful paper Belle dress up doll and the badge’s, perfect for party bags.

Oh, and due out in May is Mandy’s next book, Belle & Boo and the Birthday Surprise... there is a pattern forming here!
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