Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes...

are designed to:

  • inspire your child and unlock their imaginations 
  • expand their creativity by teaching real crafting skills
  • encourage recycling, upcycling and use of natural materials

We create themed craft boxes for children which we deliver to your door bi-monthly.

We are 2 designer-maker mums with 5 young boys and girls between us, and this ongoing experience brings us constant inspiration.

We don’t like waste and often include our packaging in many of the crafts in our boxes.  We like to use natural, recycled and recyclable materials - you will easily find components for some of our crafts around your home.

Our imaginative boxes are jammed with crafty ideas - plenty enough to satisfy several small people at least.

You will find some common questions answered below, along with photos of some of the things you can make with Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes.

Mrs Fox’s Crafty Boxes Q and A's.       

How much is a monthly subscription?                                 
Subscription works out at a cost of £15 per box plus P&P every 2 months. 
(P&P £4.95)

Do we have to subscribe on a yearly basis?
We ask for payment for each forthcoming 3 months.  We require 1 months written notice (an email to will do) if you do not wish to renew your subscription.  

These boxes sound interesting but I have 2 children… I can’t buy them each a box, how can this work for me?
Our boxes will always contain plenty enough for you to be able to make at least 2 main crafts.  On top of this, we will also include at least 3 additional craft ideas so there will be plenty to get on with.  In fact, if you have a friend back after school, you will have enough to keep them all busy with some left over.

I can buy craft packs from my local supermarket, why are yours different or better?
The creations that emerge from our craft boxes will not be like anything you can buy in the supermarket, or even major craft shops.  We take pride in coming up with something a little different and much of our kit is hand crafted by us.  We also, where possible, use natural and recyclable materials.  We only use plastic or foam if there is no alternative and even then, it will most likely be in the form of recycling items from your own home.  We aim to have you and your child creating things that you will not want to throw away.  

My children are aged 4, 6 and 10, will they all get something to do from this box?
We spend a lot of time trying to design our products with variations for age.  We user test our designs on our children, and our friend's, who range in age from 3 - 8 years old.  Our present subscribers are as young as 3, and children aged 8 to 12 years old will enjoy customising our crafts but without requiring parental help.  
(Even us 2 mums enjoy doing the crafts to the point that when user testing with our own is over. we make some more versions when they've gone to bed.)

I have a boy and a girl, how are they both going to enjoy this?
As much as possible, we make our boxes non-gender specific.  As parents of both boys and girls, we are aware that sometimes gender is a very grey area and at other times, the divide is glaringly obvious.  We use this experience in our designs.

We will ask upon subscription, the gender of your child/children in order that we can make adjustments should any craft be, to our mind, too gender specific.

Can I buy individual boxes as a one off?
We always make a few extra crafty boxes and make them available for sale on our website HERE they cost £17 +p&p (£4.50).  We make them available to pre-order around a month ahead of their release date.  However, they sell out very quickly.

If you are interested in purchasing one follow the link or, please email us, we can reserve one of the next available boxes, or possibly even make up one for you if we have materials available.  They come beautifully packaged so make great gifts.

We can also create a large Crafty Box for parties or other large events, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


Below are examples of some of the things you can make with our crafty boxes, click on the titles to take you through to full details of the boxes contents and how you can purchase them:

January 2014

Decoupage bird feeder

Skiing pine cone snowman

Polar bear stick puppet

Felt fox bookmark

Christmas Part Two - December 2013

2 lolly stick Angels

1 pine cone elf

6 blank cards & envelopes to make Christmas or Thank You cards
2 felt snowflake ornaments

Snowman paperchain

Christmas Part One - November 2013

pom poms & gift box

Concertina Christmas Tree & decorative paper

Loo roll Father Christmas 

Wooden Christm trivet

6 blank cards & envelopes, designs and decorative papers to make Christmas Cards

Halloween - October 2013

Halloween bunting

pumpkin paper lantern

Felt black cat cadge

Bat sweetie cone

Mini magic witches & wizard hats

Wild Animals - September 2013

monkey mask
Paper plate monkey masks

milk carton elephant
Milk carton elephant & paper mice

milk carton elephant

Paper lion

paper mice

The Sea - August 2013

Shell & fish bead key ring

Paper plate sea horses

Milk carton sailing boat

Loo roll octopuss

Underwater collage

Paper fish

Egg carton turtles

Flying Things Part 
Two -  July 2013

The Crafty Box


Lolly stick & peg planes

Paper plate flying saucer

Hot air balloon collage

Kitchen roll rocket

Flying Things Part One - June 2013

The crafty box

kids craft box - peg dolls

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

How did it happen?

We two crafty Mrs Fox's have known each other a long, long time so it was a strange day when we met up with our families for one of our many country walks, each excited about an idea we had had for a crafty business that we could do together.  Having five young cubs between us, we decided that we should concentrate on one idea to begin with.  Given the amount of children's parties we had helped to organise, we decided that Mrs Fox's Party Boxes was already half ready to go and focused primarily on that.  

Now that our youngest cubs are older and almost ready for school, we have been able to turn our attentions to Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes.

Once a month we will send you one of Mrs Fox’s Crafty Boxes containing; a craft kit enabling you to make one full project with your children plus additional items, instructions, crafty ideas and information to help you create further arts and craft pieces based on that months theme.   We will help you to see everyday items in a different way.

You’ll be able to join in our community on our blog and Facebook each month as we all get crafty together.

Come and join Mrs Fox's crafting club this year, drop us an email;


  1. Oooh what a great idea. I'll have to see if the finances will stretch - these would be great fun.

  2. Hi there Breakfastlady,

    Send us an email to, we still have some discounts available...
    Hope to hear from you...

    Mrs Fox

  3. I love this so much as I always try and get bits and jobs in to do crafts with Archie, but never quite have the right things. Love the idea of someone organising it for me so I can concentrate on the fun! Will have a word with my purse and if we can do it :)

  4. Hi Charlotte, We'd love you to join us, hope to see you soon in our little crafting club. Next month's Crafty Box is based around a seaside theme. Watch out for detail on the blog and FB page. : )


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