Hi, my name's Catie and I'd like to tell you about my favourite fruit.  I am a lover of greengages.

They are a group of cultivars of the common European plum. The first true greengage came from a green-fruited wild plum that are apparently originally found in Persia. However they are a generally seen as a traditional fruit of the British summertime.

Whoever came over from Persia and planted them in my garden is a hero in my eyes, as I love them.

My buddies like them too.  The flesh is sweet yet the skin slightly sharp, delicious.  Their sharp green colour is sometimes tinted by a slight chalky bloom on their skin.

Unfortunately our human servant, does tend to round as many as she can up and disappear with them into the kitchen.  Apparently they are good in jam, gin, chutney, and are great for desserts.  They retain their vivid green colour in cooking, and anything you can do with a plum you can do with a greengage.  Personally I like them best straight from the tree.

We will no doubt have to have words with her about sharing!

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