Spring Has Finally Sprung


Today it hit me, spring has sprung.   The bees are flying.  I need to be feeding, spring cleaning and applying varroa treatments, to give the two hives that have survived the winter, room and encouragement to start expanding their colony and producing honey.

The veg patch needs some TLC, I should be getting broadbeans into the ground and sewing seeds  indoors for planting out later in the spring.

The chickens know it's spring too and they really need to be let out.  There are restrictions on poultry in the UK, and mine are also living on a building site so they are not free-ranging at the moment.  We were planning to try and breed from our hens this year.  We've 2 strands of Maran heritage in our little flock.  We can breed the classic Black Copper Maran...

and Lavender Birchen Maran. 

However, all this is being hampered by the mess, time and energy being expended on the building works we are in the midsts of.   The extension is going up fast:

extension building works

extension groundworks

From a demolition site...

extension groundworks


extension groundworks

preparations for the slab being poured,...

extension groundworks

under-floor insulation,...

extension groundworks

slab being poured,...

to Louis driving the digger.

There have also been some surprises.  Well one really!  We have a well in the dinning room, more on that later.

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