Paper Bunting # 2 - Pterasaur Bunting.

For our Prehistoric Party, we made a length of pterasuar bunting which was hung on good quality garden twine with sky (baby) blue crepe paper ribbon wrapped around.  Don't try to hang the pterasuars directly onto the crepe ribbon as it has a lot of give and will keep on stretching and sagging until the pterasaurs appear to be coming in to land.

It was incredibly easy to make, the most time consuming part being cutting out the pterasaur shapes but depending on the age of your dinosaur fan, you could simplify the design making it easier to cut.  By the time you've cut out all the shapes, you probably won't want to spend too much time painting so try using a few simple lines and highlights as finishing touches (as shown in the second picture).

I used colour card as well as an old cardboard box (which was more difficult to cut) for my flying monsters and searched for silhouettes on the internet.  I found two pictures I liked and did my best to draw the outlines onto paper which I then cut out and used as stencils.  Given that only a paleontologist would spot something amiss, there is plenty of room for artistic licence.  All I needed were;
  • paper

  • pen

  • garden twine

  • cotton

  • paintbrush

  • scissors

  • crepe ribbon

  • paints

  • google eyes
So, simply;
  1. Draw around the stencil onto your card before cutting out the pterasaur chape.

  2. Once you have say, 16, select places on the pterasurs to highlight with paint - and paint.

  3. Stick on the googly eyes.

  4. Once the paint and glue has dried, thread a needle and sew cotton through a chosen spot on the wing or back of the pterasaur, leaving a long enough length to then tie to the twine.

  5. Hang the bunting up.

  6. Wrap or entwine the crepe paper around the twine.

If you think you will have time on the day, I recommend leaving stringing the pterasaurs until the string and crepe paper is up as the cotton can get tangled.

Very simple and very much appreciated by the young party animals...

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