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Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes - Flying Things Part I, June 2013

Whew, what a week that was!

As we worked our little paws off at Mrs Fox's HQ getting this month's Crafty Boxes ready for  subscribers it was one disaster after another.  Everything from locking myself out of the house/studio, and then out of my bank account, to a power surge that led to a power cut in the village which appears to have permanently knocked out our printer.

But the last of the boxes went out only a day late and as I cleared up the chaos in the studio on Saturday my little fox, Una, suddenly decided to take over my making table and have a go at some of the crafts.

Without any help/interference from me and with such sweet, quiet, seriousness she made some of our birds.  And as I watched her l felt inspired rather than just tired, really proud of her, and proud of our crafty boxes too.  My daughter loves making things already, but, the boxes give her ideas, teach her new crafting skills and are that extra stimulation of an interest/talent she already has.

She got involved in some of the planning on this one too, again without any specific encouragement from me.  Honestly, I am not running a sweat shop full of little crafty children.  Una drew designs for some of the toilet roll owls inspired by a birthday card that I had received, here they are:

And here is her finished product:

Una added feathers to her owl as ears and is also working on another owl that has wings she has made in cardboard to slot into the side of the toilet roll.

If you're interested in joining our exclusive little crafting circle, Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes go out once a month for the price of £10.50 +p&p(£4.95) or you can buy individual boxes for £12 +p&p.  A limited number of this month's box, Flying Things Part I, are on sale on our website now, right HERE!


  1. The owl drawings are absolutely marvellous! And so is the finished product. Thank you for visiting my blog. #PoCoLo

  2. Thank you Galina, on behalf of Little Una Fox, I think she has done a wonderful job too.


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