Crafting with Boys

Today the other Mrs Fox and I have been slaving in the studio, in the hot summer sun, getting our next Crafty Box ready to head out the door to all our little crafty foxes.  Last month's theme was flying and we came up with so many ideas that we decided to split the box over two months.  So, last month was Flying Animals this month is Flying Machines.  Purely by accident this month's craft box is very boy friendly.

I can't be the only mother who has noticed the difference between girls and boys when it comes to making things.  Little Una Fox will sit and draw, paint, cut, stick, sew, knit, model, string beads, collage with flowers... the list is never ending.  And when she is a little bored she usually asks me, "Mummy, what can I make?"  And I know that Little Eve Fox is the same.  

My son, on the other hand, who is not a particularly 'boy-ish' boy, loves to get messy when he crafts. That is basically his criteria for a good time.  But that good time seldom lasts all that long.  He get's bored quite quickly.

Last weekend in the midst of the heat we pulled the garden table out of it's position under the pergola and set up an outdoor studio for the little foxes.  With tables and chairs, cushions and carpet, their crafting box with paints, scissors, glue etc and their easel.  We put them in old swimming costumes which were quickly shed, so that they could make as much mess as they liked.  They spent the whole day in the garden occasionally jumping into their paddling pool.  It was the most focused I have seen Louis when painting.  He was extremely proud of one particular picture and insisted on taking it into school on Monday to show his teacher.

I think that being outside and allowed to really make a mess gave him a real sense of freedom.  From little Louis Fox there was a lot of chat about cars, and garages with wheels and boats that could take cars on board, he really let his imagination run riot.  He painted picture after picture, sketching some of his ideas in pencil first, enjoying mixing the colours, and layering the paint on thick and fast.

It was great to see him really enjoying himself and crafting with zest.  He's asked to paint every day this week.  So, I am pretty chuffed with this month's box, lots to get him interested in crafting.  For from this month's crafty box we will be making; planes, catapults, 3D kite and hot air balloon pictures, flying saucers, helicopters, rockets and paper planes.  

Loads to do for the summer holidays!  It will be going out to our subscribers imminently.  If you would like to purchase one for a little help crafting with your boys this summer hols they are £12 (+£4.50 p&p), to pre-order  click here.


  1. I love the pictures in this post! I have a boy and a girl but they are too little yet to notice any differences, my daughter is still at the eating glue stage! Love the planes, such a simple idea yet they look fantastic!

  2. Thanks, our craft boxes are full of such fun (and simple) crafts and we hope that they inspire others to make things with the bits and pieces you can so easily find around your home.


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