A New Year for Mrs Fox's

Mrs Fox's is a labour of love for Jackie and I.  We love making things, always have, and started to make things with and for our children from the moment they were born.  We love creativity, especially that no holds barred, anything's possible, nothing can't be used and abused creativity of childhood.

With friends and family, and on long winter walks we plotted and planned and finally started Mrs Fox's - Kid's craft boxes; craft kits; parties and hand-made gifts.  Everything with a Mrs Fox's logo on it is hand-made with love and we send it out there into the world in the hope it will inspire other's creativity too.

Last year our two littlest cubs (Louis and Tom) started their school careers; entering reception with some nerves, but growing relish.  Both are now happily settled into school and so we are able to more fully focus on refining Mrs Fox's offering.

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes are still themed, full of materials that are natural, re-cycled, repurposed, beautiful and inspiring.  Nothing like the other foam filled, throw away craft schemes that we have seen advertised.  These kid's craft boxes always include complete craft kits and further crafts that can be completed with the addition of bits and bobs from around your home.  With clear, concise instructions they provide hours of crafty fun for you to enjoy with your children.

They can be enjoyed as a kid's craft box subscription service, which will now become a bi-monthly (once every 2 months).

Or as individual boxes - There will be 6 a year plus a couple of special editions, that we will tell you all about later in the year.

We've now created four Mrs Fox's Craft Kits, that are available to buy through our shop and Folksy.  With our little kits you can make; peg dolls, wooden spoon dolls and peg aeroplanes.  They make great party bag gifts, we can even include party bags, tags and stickers to use them as such.

We've also created a kit to make a felt apple needle case, a simple first sewing project.  

We have designed our first new party theme for 2014 for Mrs Fox's Party Boxes.  A circus party for little 3 year old Bianca, with a treasure hunt game and crafts linked to the characters on the invitation.

And we just about fit in the time to indulge ourselves in making things that we love, our handmade gifts are available in Mrs Fox's Handmade, our Folksy store, and include our Rhino Trophy Heads;

We're off to East London in a couple of weekends time with a selection of Mrs Fox's wares to the Jumble and Pearls Vintage Fayre.  Come along and join us.

Probably my and Jackie's greatest inspiration (other than our children) is our love of quality and good design.  We often find that the most 'economically' expression of this is found in vintage pieces, whether they be furniture, children's books and games or clothing.  As a result we are both thrift shop bargain hunting, seekers and collectors of vintage.  So, we've decided to share some of our inspiration and collections on our blog over the course of the year.  2014 is going to be busy, I can feel it already, but when you are doing something you love it feels great - Roll on 2014!

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