Snoopers Paradise.

Jumble and Pearls is getting closer so we thought we'd expose some of the traders!

We've not been before but the idea of this fayre makes me think of my all time favourite shop, Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, and to days before I had the responsibility of 3 little people, ergo; the ability to wander around shops in a carefree manner without constantly panicking every time a small child disappeared from my view.
The shop is huge and you can find hundreds (and thousands) of things you'd not find anywhere else.  Old and older toys, jewellery, furniture, clothes, bags, cutlery, crockery, paintings, embroideries, records, beautiful old ashtrays, you name it.  It is my favourite shop ever and eckers, I can't have been there for about 8 years… dreadful!  (Must remedy that this year.)

Jumble and Pearls may not be as large or dusty but it will certainly be just as eclectic and we can't wait to snoop around.

So what has got us so excited?  Have a look…

Eleni Edipidi & Levantes Dance Theatre - wonderful flowery jewellery and a selection of colourful and sparkly garments inspired by previous theatre productions.

Maiden Found Millinery & Crafts - affordable bespoke head wear pieces, and crafts perfect for gifts, all made using traditional methods and vintage materials.

Brake Bikes is a distinctive brand of unique single speed bikes.  Limited to 100 bikes in the three specific colour combinations, influencing fans of street art.

Isabella Salamone, Surface Textile designer, a vintage fabric collector and a maker.  She has recently started creating unique and very limited ranges of products by recycling original vintage fabric.  From stationery to fashion accessories and home decor objects, expect colourful bright pattern!

Hannah Knight will be selling her hand selected vintage pieces in fabrics sourced from Paris, Milan and and London as well as designer pieces including Burberry, Max Mars and Valentino.
Philip Ignatious Salacious Stein, London's premier underground art dealer will be selling some of his private collection.
These are just a few of the inspiring purveyors that will be there selling their wares.  Most will be bringing unique items which are limited, vintage or handmade and one off's.  
The Jumble & Pearls event is a chance to find something you just have to have and that you will really be hard pushed to find anything like, anywhere else. 
Upstairs there is free wifi, table tennis, a bar and an all day restaurant, this will be a perfect day out… if you're in or near London, why ever would you not make it a date?

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