Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!

We had a lovely Christmas how about you?

And now the festive season is over and the children are back at school Mrs Fox needs to wake up, sort out her messy den and get back to work.

We moved house before Christmas.  To a cottage with an acre garden and much, much work to be done on it.  It has overwhelmed me, I will be honest.  Having started another blog Mrs Fox's Den to write about the renovation of our house and garden it has been so all encompassing that I've written very little, taken none of Mrs Fox's wares to market for months now and Mrs Fox's workshop is not even unpacked!

However, thats the end of that kind of behaviour.  A new year and we are back on track, crafting, partying and having fun.  Christmas Thank You-cards have been made by the little foxes using paint, glue, stamps, string and Christmas wrapping paper I had saved off of their presents.

And while the kids were stamping, sticking, cutting and crafting their thanks, I made gift tags for next year out of more of the recycled Christmas wrapping paper.  So, we are feeling suitably crafty and thrifty.

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  1. What a fun idea! I think it's so important to teach children the importance of writing thank you cards, and how sweet is it that they handmade these! This will be so sweet for family members to receive, and it's a great activity to keep children entertained. Love your gift tags for next year too!


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