The Most Beautiful Colouring Book Ever and Drawing with Sachiko Umoto

I picked up these books at Foyles on the South Bank about 12 months ago now.  They were supposed to be for Little Una Fox, but I love them and have probably spent as much time as she has at Sachiko Umoto's illustration school drawing cute animals, and plants and small creatures.

So simple and charming, the illustrations and instructions are easy to follow and the result is a very relaxing passing of the time.

As much fun, and possibly even more relaxing, as drawing is simply colouring in.  And the most beautiful colouring book ever surely has to be The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford.

Johanna Basford's beautifully intricate drawings are created first by hand before being digitised, each colouring book can take around a year to create.

 Illustrator Johanna Basford with her Amazon bestselling colouring book, Secret Garden. Photograph: Johanna Basford and Lawrence King
Una has both The Secret Garden and The Enchanted Forest, they can keep her occupied for hours and I have to admit to stealing them for a little go myself.  They are so beautiful and quite addictive.

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