halloween bunting

This year we had our first Mrs Fox's Craft Day at our new Little Hadham HQ, just east of Bishop's Stortford, in rural East Hertfordshire.  The children signed in to the craft party with a white hand print that we later used to make a spooky ghost bunting.

paper jack o lanterns
Paper Jack O'Lanterns
We had loads of fun creating paper Jack O'Lanterns, which we lit with little battery operated tea-lights.  They looked beautiful, all hung in the shop window as they dried.

paper bat sweetie cone
Paper Bat Sweetie Cones
With children ranging in age from 5 - 8 years old we were soon having great fun making a mess of the old butchers shop where Mrs Fox now resides.  We had only 8 children in the session so we were able to allow children to go at their own speed.

halloween crafting

The children seemed to enjoy the crafts as they explored their own creativity, developed simple crafting skills, learning to use templates, cutting round simple shapes, gluing and colouring.

I learnt something too; I need to get some children's left handed scissors and I think I will try and do multiple examples of some of the crafts to give the children more confidence to do their own thing and be even more expressive and creative.

There was quite a bit of creativity demonstrated in some of the costumes, I have to admit Finlay's was my favourite.

I will also admit to being exhausted by the end of our hour and a half crafting, but, I had a great time and I hope all the children did too.

At our next kid's crafting day will be making Christmas crafts.   If you are local and interested in joining us go along to the Facebook page and sign up, or if you can't make 5th December but would like to know when our next event is, sign up to the newsletter below to keep up with all our news.

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