Egg Box Easter Wreath.

egg box easter wreath

We tend to keep hold of our old egg boxes, we sell our excess eggs in them and there are so many other things you can make with them too.  There are an abundance of Spring crafts to be made with the humble egg box. To prove a point; here is a craft that is easy and fun and perfect for Easter.

For your Easter/Spring wreath, you will need;
egg boxes
square of cardboard
green felt or paper
(glitter if you dare - I boorishly bar humbug glitter as I can never get rid of the stuff)


  1. Cut a large 'polo' shape out of your cardboard - I used an old cereal packet - and paint it green.
  2. Cut leaf shapes out of your felt OR paint a sheet of paper of card various shades of green and cut out your leaf shapes.
  3. Cut the rising tips in the egg cartons out and cut the egg carton cups out.  Cut the side corners out of the cups if you'd like to make the petals more defined.
  4. Paint your tips and cups any colours you wish.
  5. Once the paint is dry, stick the tips into the middle of some of the cups, and buttons into the middle of others.
  6. If you want to, you can poke cuts of string or thread into the button holes to create filaments.
  7. Stick the leaves around the cardboard circle and stick the flower heads onto the leaves.
  8. Stick string to the back using good tape and hang!

Here's another idea for egg box spring flowers, taken from our April Crafty Box a few years ago, the leaves can be made equally well out of paper and the stalks were made using pipe cleaners and gardening sticks.

egg box daffodils

…and if you're stuck for something to do with the lid and are putting on an egg hunt...

egg box spring basket

…or perhaps...

easter crafts

…or even…

easter crafts

Don't hold back, let loose with your imagination, it was only going to go in the recycle bin after all!

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