Little Hadham Stores

It's our first birthday.  I've been thinking about what Little Hadham Stores needs to do going forward to remain sustainable.

Since we opened our doors that's what we have been all about, sustainability; from our stance on plastics;

Beeswax Wraps - from £15

to our organic fruit and veg boxes;
Organic Veg Boxes - £12.45

to supporting small local producers;

to how I run the business. We are a conscious retailer, being aware of the choices we make, from how we make our signs, to who we choose to stock.  

It's all our there for all to see in everything we do.   

I am a maker, a doer, not a user, not a junk addict. I believe in "Buy Less, Choose Well". And so I have tried to write down a ethical statement for Little Hadham Stores. It may need updating over time, it may need to change altogether, but the point is to think about these things and so, I want to:-

  • Support sustainable, organic production methods, like our organic veg boxes; artificial compounds need not be present in our food.  
  • Reduce consumption of animal products, and making sure there are high welfare levels when we do consume them. 
  • Minimise packaging, it should be compostable, recyclable or re-useable. Bring your own bags, boxes, tubs, jars, any container and we'll fill them.
  • Cut single use plastics. Plastic is an amazing product in some circumstances but OUR use of it is killing the planet, and WE can do something about that.  Bring back your clean veg boxes, egg cartons and paper bags and we will re-use them.
  • Sustainable palm oil - the West's rampant consumption of this is what drives countries to destroy their rain forests, yet like any other crop it can be sustainably grown.  
  • Supporting local, like-minded business, cuts down on food miles and is great for our community. I believe these suppliers are more likely to be responsive to my customer's needs.  Jigsaw Bakery's organic sourdough is made in Linton , Cambridgeshire.
  • I believe in a co-operative approach and work WITH my local suppliers.  My only wholesaler is the UK’s biggest worker’s co-operative; who have been supplying natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1977. They have ethical policies on the environment, trade, palm oil and toxic ingredients, and regularly review their supply chain. I am very proud to work with SUMA.

You've got to start somewhere right?!

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