"The best Cowboy party ever!

“The best cowboy party ever...” Una May, 6 

Howdy there Cowboys and girls, what a great theme for a party this one was.   

For the invitation we created a “Wanted” poster featuring the children as outlaws from the wild, wild west.  Louis loved his 'tash!

When the guests arrived they "signed in" with a handprint on a totem pole that we had painted onto craftpaper and stuck up on the wall. In return they received a sherriffs badge sticker. And the fun began.

The local scout hut was decorated with a wild west backdrop painted onto a sheet, a wigwam, cardboard cacti, a cardboard box bank, with saloon doors, and an old tin bath full of sand for the guest to “pan for gold”.  This created an imaginative free play area for the children.  And when they found the gold nuggets in the sand they could exchange them at the bank for gold ingots of chocolate.  We had a “bank manager” to police the chocolate consumption.  He was very busy.

Strings of silver stars across the hall, chilli-pepper lights and stars and stripes bunting decorated the hall.  The table was laid out for tea in a wild west theme.  The tableware is available from our shop; checkered table cloth, plates, napkins and plain red cups.  And wonderful cardboard cowboy hats.  We also dressed the table with our Belle & Boo Treat Time Donkey and Cart and made cardboard cacti in mini terracotta pots with stars and stripes flags.  The food was kept simple; hot dogs, corn tortilla chips and pop corn, cherry toms, carrot sticks and cucumbers.

We made Native American headdresses before tea. And played party games afterwards.  For party games we played Pin the Tale on the Donkey, musical chairs and pass the parcel.  The prizes for the Pin the Tale game were Belle and Boo's cowboy badges, for the musical chairs it was a handmade hobby horse (details on how to make in a later post) and the pass the parcels were  wrapped in brown craft paper made to look like stetsons.

The children had a fine hoard to take home with them from the party; along with the Native American headdresses they had made, and the cowboy hats from the table, they received a party-bag created from a red or blue bandana tied with string and a thankyou tag.  Inside was a slice of birthday cake, a  chocolate half-dollar, cow and milky bar and a metal sheriff's badge.

If you'd like us to throw you a party like this one get in touch info@mrsfoxs.com

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