One more week to go...

Our last weekend before the Cowboy Party and it's all hands on deck, the children have been called in to help.  Louis has been painting cacti.  Una has been painting flags and stars and gluing flames for the campfire.   It's lovely for them to be involved in the party preparation.  And the excitement is only growing as a result.

Every spare surface of the house is covered with drying, cacti, flags, silver stars and flames.  

Hobby horses await being fitted to their broom sticks.  

A wild west backdrop has been painted on a single sheet picked up from the charity shop.

And Mr fox and I have tied 72 feathers and beads to short lengths of green wool for the make a Native American headdress craft.

The same weekend Mrs Fox also has her first Prehistoric Party and an amazing triceratops is due to be sacrificed as a pinata to the children's delight. 

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