Fergal Fox

In a sudden burst of creativity this weekend I have designed a new little felt fox.  Fergal stands around 30cm high and has arms and legs jointed with buttons.  Hand sewn out of red felt he is a handsome little chap. Lying behind him in the picture is the unfinished Ernestine, I think she will be wearing a tutu. 

We have been thinking for sometime that we might start a Mrs Fox's Handmade  brand.  It will include items that we have designed and made for parties that we feel others may be interested in purchasing as keepsakes.  Handmade to order Mrs Fox will be keeping a numbered archive of all of these items along with purchase details to authenticate them in the future, and to keep track of all our little foxes.

Fergal and his friends are available now for the very special price of just £20, please drop me an email if you are interested in giving him a new home. info@mrsfoxs.com

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