Party Bags for a Wedding

Our wonderful friends Nicky & Nigel got married this weekend.  It was a fabulous wedding, my foxy feet are still throbbing from all the dancing.

As they have lots of friends with children, they asked Mrs Fox to create party bags. They both work in the music industry and with the request for "something a bit retro" in mind. We put together party bag containing balloons, specially designed stickers, sweeties, and a kazoo. With the help of little Louis-fox I made paper windmills, with the wedding date stamped onto one sail.  The bags were decorated with an adaptation of the sticker design and brightly coloured parcel tags with the children's names hand stamped.

The children ate a little earlier than the adults, around 4.30 - 5pm, and left as the adult's evening reception kicked in around 8pm.  So along with the usual party treats a snack for the trip home was essential. So, Mrs fox added a home made organic oat and raisin cookie and a banana to the bags.

Mr Fox, the little foxes and I had a wonderful time both at the wedding, and creating the party bags.  To see how we made the windmill and for a recipe for the cookies click on these links.

And Congratulations to Nicky, Nigel and their little foxes Marley & Mia, a beautiful, beautiful family who sure know how to throw a party! xxx

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  1. Dear Mrs Fox, thank you so much for the wonderful, personalized kids' wedding favour bags that you made for our little guests and delivered directly to our wedding reception! The kids absolutely loved them, and so did we! A perfect finish to a perfect kids wedding party!
    Mrs Fox's bright red 1940's style silk play-suit was quite an addition to the adults' party too... :)))


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