A little foxy felt hat

Foxy Little Felt Hat http://www.etsy.com/shop/vaivanat/

Is this not the most gorgeous thing?  I just found this hat on etsy and I have to admit I have bought one for one of my little foxes.

I went to the Craft Council's Origin - The Contemporary Craft Fair in the autumn last year and nearly bought a fox hat for myself, I loved it. The inspired work of Barbara Keal 

big fox felt hat http://www.barbarakeal.com/

I ended up buying a felted stoat and mole finger puppet, for the children. Do you begin to notice a pattern here?  When I decide that I can't justify buying something for myself, I buy it for the children instead.  

By the way that description "a felted stoat and mole finger puppet" really doesn't do these little "puppets" justice.  They are perfect little hand felted heads, and so beautifully alive.  i will have to put a picture of them up on the blog tomorrow. 

POSTED 6th July 2012

The children's felt hat arrived today and is gorgeous!

And here are little mole and stoat, are they not gorgeous too?

Barbara Keal felted animals, stoat and mole

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