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Today our copy of Barefoot Books World Atlas arrived.  Hurray!  We received this for participating in the Britmum’s Caine’s Cardboard Challenge Linky, our post on making with cardboard is HERE.    

The atlas is a great introduction to factual reference books, to an understanding of geography, maps, climate, the countries and cultures of our planet.  As travel is one of my passions I want my little foxes to have an understanding of the wonders and diversity of our planet.  We have an Peter's Projection world map on the wall opposite the loo; I'm hoping they will be particularly susceptible to taking in this knowledge while on the lavvy!

Barefoot’s World Atlas is written by Nick Crane and illustrated by David Dean

Barefoot Books World Atlas, children's books

“We are living at the start of a new chapter in the story of our planet and it's central theme is the way in which we work together as a global community to protect it."

This atlas is very much focused on the diversity yet interconnectedness of all things on the planet.  It’s a beautiful book that would make a wonderful Christmas present.  

After an introduction to the Story of Our Planet and Mapping the World the book is divided into sections based on the oceans and the continents, which have been divided into regions, of the world. With fold out pages, lift the flaps, a poster map of the world, and bright accessible illustrations, it engages with it's readers from the first page.  Little Una fox is 6 and she really enjoyed looking at it, particularly the sections on the oceans and could read much of the text with only a little help.  Louis is only, 3, but he also enjoyed having it read to him, looking at the maps and pointing out the animals, vehicles and people he recognised.  

Barefoot Books is one of my favourite children’s publishers.  I first came across them when looking for toddler boardbooks for my daughter.  Barefoot publishes Clare Beaton’s books which we love.  Her simple lyrical tales are illustrated with images from her skilful hand sewn art-works.  As I love fabric, sewing, embroidery and felting and collect vintage fabrics she is something of a hero of mine. 

There's a Cow in the Cabbage Patch by Clare Beaton

My absolute favourite is the first book of hers we found, There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch, we’ve also got; How Big is a Pig?, Elusive Moose, Secret Seahorse, and Mother Goose Remembers and Playtime Rhymes For Little People, which come with music CDs.  The CDs have been permanently in our car for long journeys for the last few years.

Mrs Fox would just like to say that the books listed in this strand Books We Love are all ones that we have owned, and usually purchased ourselves.  Links in this article to Amazon are to our store Mrs Fox's Books and More, where we receive a small commission on any purchase made through our link.  However, we choose the books we add to the store and review and are not influenced by any third party in this choice.
In this instance we would also like to say that we are not members of the Barefoot Ambassador's scheme, I just genuinely love the books!

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