Christmas Creatures, Festive Friends & FREE Advent Calendar from Mibo

Mrs Fox has just added Mibo's Festive Friends and Christmas Creatures  to her on-line store.  £9 for a set of 5.

Festive Friends for sale at Mrs Fox's
We've been stocking Mibo's paper-craft animals for a while now and we love them.  With just scissors, glue and patience these beautifully designed images turn into magical little animals.  They are not difficult to make, instructions are clear and simple.

However, to form them you'll need to hold recently adhered tabs for a few minutes for glue to dry.  You'll need to give concentrated help to most children under 8 or 9 to make them, but my 6 year old has managed.  And is very proud of her blue elephant who sits on her bookshelf.

christmas creatures sold by mrs fox's
Madeleine Rogers designs are so beautiful, we stock some of her other fantastical paper creatures.  And this year's advent calendar is wonderful too, and it's FREE to download.

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