Choirs of angels.

Last year I spent many evenings designing and making 6 delicate paper angels to use as mantlepiece decorations or to pop on top of a tree.  

My middle and most creative little Eve fox, then aged 4, was desperate to join in and make some too so I devised a simple paper fairy cone angel which she found so easy to make that we ended up with about 20 of them along the window sill.  She made quite a large number to give to her teacher and friends at school too.

This year, as soon as Christmas had been mentioned, she started making more!  I had to refine the fairy cone idea so that I didn’t have to be on hand every 10 minutes to cut the bottom off and roll and stick the paper into a cone shape.  Not that I mind helping but when a child is this prolific, reducing my input on each fairy saves me more than just a few moments.

This is such a fun simple project which requires little more than paper, sticky tape (double sided if possible) and colouring medium, be it pens, pencils or paint.  Basically, if you have paper, crayons and sticky tape, you are good to go.

What I have started to do is pre-cut the circular cone shape (before I would just roll an A4 piece of paper into a cone and cut the bottom off at the end) and run a strip of double sided tape along one edge.

If you need more support to create paper angels, take a look at the other Mrs Fox's paper angel post below, we're doing a special 2 for 1 deal on our paper angel kits for our loyal blog followers.

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