Mrs Fox's Paper Angels

As a child I used to make paper angels at Christmas.  They are a classic and really simple Christmas craft.   Just a cone of paper coloured in and we kept them and brought them out year after year.  I have ended up doing the same with my children, sometimes I hang them, but they are just as beautiful adorning a book shelf.  I've even seen the same basic design being sold in the shops (for a small fortune) as name place cards.

Mr Fox sells kits to make 4 angels, they are available here for £3.50 inclu p&p.  As a special treat for our loyal blog followers, if you place and order and then leave a message on this post we will include an extra pack of 4 for FREE.

Mr Fox's Paper Angels

Last Thursday I went into little Louis Fox's nursery class to make angels with the children.  The nursery children are mostly 3 years old so I made the template larger than usual so they could better colour them in.  The angels they created were beautiful.  With no interest in realistic colour these angels had green and red faces, technicolour hair and glitter in every crease.  They were wonderful!  I had such a good time making them and we hung some of them over the stable that they have constructed in the corner of one of their rooms.

At Mrs Fox's we've also used this idea to design a make mini ballerina and samurai gift tags that we use on our party sweetie bags.

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  1. These are lovely, have just ordered some for my daughter, she will love making these, Diane Moss


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