Easter Baskets.

mrs fox's crafty boxes easter 2013

Our Mrs Fox's (Easter) Crafty Boxes are on their way and all the crafts will be centred around the egg carton in which the main craft is packaged.  In the egg carton are the main components of the main craft but once these are made, you're left with a very handy box.  We have thought of many things to do with this usually 'recycled in the recycle bin' box.  We have three idea's just for the lids, two of which are specifically dedicated to the main craft.  The third idea we offer for the lid is not.

For this third craft, we suggest that you take the lid (of a 6 egg box) and turn it into an Easter basket.  If you make this yourself, you could present it to your child with chocolate eggs inside or have them use it for an Easter egg hunt.  If your child is one of those rare young beasts (surprisingly I actually know of 3) who don't like chocolate, you might want to choose to put a little gift or two in the box or use gifts in the hunt rather than choccy eggs.

mrs foxes crafty boxes easter baskets 2013

I am going to put a little gift in this box for Eve as she helped me to make it - and then she can use it for the choccy egg hunt that her Aunty Sarah is planning.

I found a lovely little wooden chick brooch on Folksy so I bought one to pop into this basket and then, because my girl can never have enough colouring pens, pencils and crayons, I'm going to add some of these beautiful locally handmade crayons.

mrs foxes crafty boxes easter crayons, win, giveaway

You could win a free set for your little ones, just post us a comment below by 23rd March on what you think our other two idea's for the lid of the egg carton are.  We have 4 sets to give away for either the correct idea or for the most interesting idea's - something to do with chicks...

To decorate our basket, we used;

  • the lid
  • 2 paper doilies
  • a sheet of tissue paper
  • some paper scraps for petals
  • some tiny cuts of felt for the middle of the flowers
  • some raffia ribbon.

To make the basket, simply;

  1. Smear glue to the bottom and sides of the egg carton lid and place it in the centre of your doilie and then bring the sides up so that they stick.
  2. Then cut another in half and stick it round side to the top, flat side folding underneath the lid then fold and stick the sides down. 
  3. Next, fold some yellow tissue paper and glue it to cover the inside of the lid.  
  4. The flowers on the outside were Eve's idea to make it prettier - cut some small flower shapes from some scraps of paper (we keep all our interesting paper scraps) and stick them around the outside before adding the yellow felt 'pollen' flower centres.
  5. With a hole punch, punch holes in each corner of the box and tie the raffia ribbon diagonally across the basket.

If your child is a boy, you could paint the lid to look like a standard punnet and put straw in the bottom (I'm doing this for my 2 boys) or decorate the lid in one of the ways we have suggested in our craft box - more on that one later though... don't forget to send us a comment with your idea on what our ideas might be!


  1. Replies
    1. I do hope this doesn't appear rude but for some reason, the idea of a boat makes me chuckle... maybe because the main craft has no nautical aspirations, nor are they usually seen in boats.
      Thank you for the titter - and if you make a boat out of an egg box lid this Easter, send us a picture please. We'll put it up with other peoples pics of things they made out of egg box lids...

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. An Easter nest for chicks perhaps? Love the pretty Easter basket :)

  3. A nest would be appropriate but it's not one of the ideas we decided on.
    Will you be making a nest for chicks this Easter? I think I might have a go with one of my little ones.
    If you do make one, send us a pic - I'll put a pic of ours up and we can compare....

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. We had a suggestion from 'Annie' - "You could cut two sections off bottom then glue to top of lid paint green add woggly eyes and you have a frog hat....."

    This made me laugh too as I don't think I've heard them be called 'Woggly eyes' before.
    Nice idea though and not one we had down to go with our main craft.

    I feel like we should perhaps make one of each of the above suggestions and posting pics - ours and everyone else's.

    Thank you Annie!

  5. What a fabulous idea - unlike mine! How about a box for chick shaped crayons? Or a basket for chicks made from the egg carton bottom? Or a tray for chick cupcakes/mini eggs/sweets? Or a display for decorated eggs?

    1. Goodness! Do you want to make all these things and send us pics?

      Keep an eye on the blog as we'll soon have pics of all the craft box creations so you can see if you're warm or not.

      Thanks for your comment - there are SO many things parents and kids can do with the humble egg box, eh? I have a mega sweet tooth so I'd be happy (filled) with a tray for cakes/mini eggs and sweets altogether...

  6. you could make them into a dragon/ monster i remember seeing that on Art attack as a child! or decorate the box for cure bath bomb holders! xx

  7. Nina Fox once made a loooong croc out of egg boxes for Una Fox - Una loved it. I'm picturing a Chinese style dragon but reckon my boys would go for making a monster - they're always making up monsters and grading them on their badness!

    You're making me feel old - I"m sure Art Attack wasn't on TV when I was young...

  8. You could put a different selection of beads in each section for girls together with some thread in one section or for boys, maybe get one of the small lego packs and put a different piece in each one with the instructions in the other section? More creative than sweets or chocolate but if you had one section of left over then the is the sweet option. Thank you so much for linking up with #PoCoLo

  9. The winners of the Easter crayons are;
    Louise, Jenny, Annie, Charly and Sara


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