The Easter Craft Box is OPEN!

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes have arrived safely and the contents are ready to be placed and glued, cut and painted or even stitched.  Opening the box is an exciting time as the little ones can see the bare bones in front of them.

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes

We hope that they add a few of their own ideas and make each of these crafts their own.

Inside are egg boxes with 5 pressed cotton eggs and a pot of yellow paint, the starting point for our Easter themed crafts.  With the egg box are wraps containing all that is needed to turn the little eggs into 5 gorgeous Easter chicks.  We offer suggestions to adapt the craft according to age.

We also tried using the wing and head pattern on some pretty handmade paper with great results.

easter chicks

These little chicks could be a colourful centre piece for an Easter feast - or could even be popped on top of an Easter cake... on the mantlepiece... a window sill... in flower pots...

But once the chicks are made, what do you do with the box?

We wanted every part of the egg box to have a purpose and you will see that only the smallest trimmings made it into the recycling bin.  We ran a little competition earlier in the week asking for ideas and suggestions and the possibilities for an egg box are clearly endless.  For this Crafty Box though, we wanted to stick to an Easter/spring theme and thought a chicken run, a pond (no-one said they couldn't be ducklings) and an Easter basket would compliment the chicks nicely.

Nina Fox made her chick into a cute duckling with webbed feet.

easter chicks

 So I made him a wee pond to paddle about in.

easter chicks

We still have the bottom of the egg box in hand.  What a bonus!  We thought that both boys and girls would love to give Mum or Nanna a bunch of flowers which could last the whole spring.
Here was our third craft for the egg box - we supplied felt, green pipecleaners and plant supports to turn the egg cups of the box into a bunch of flowers.  On the back of our instructions, we printed a template for extra flower petals to give the flower a daffodil look - perfect for Easter and spring.

I absolutely love the flowers we made, plus, they don't require water and they don't drop leaves!


We also offered ideas and bits and bobs for several additional crafts - more than enough to keep young children busy for a 2 weeks inbetween eating chocolate eggs and running them off.  All of these ideas can be done at home with nothing but an egg carton and inspiration.

Animal noses and ears... foxes, pigs and rabbits...

fox head - Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes

Of course, we had to have a go at the fox first.

We supplied scraps of beautiful handmade paper in our Craft Box and Little Tom Fox wanted to have a go at making the collage egg decorations with them.

easter crafts - collage egg

We made one each, he really enjoyed this activity...

crafting with children - easter egg collage

...and we have hung them from our mirror in the front room.

easter egg mobile - Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes

We also gave instructions to make marbled hard boiled eggs... we've not made ours yet this year so you'll have to use your imagination!

In the middle of next month, we will mail out a new Crafty Box, this one based around pegs and making traditional peg dolls - with a little more Mrs Fox's craftiness to boot.
If you'd like to join our subscription, and receive Mrs Fox's Crafty Box for April you can find more details here, it's only £10.50 (+p&p) per month for hours of crafty fun with your little ones.

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