The Fox's Allotment

I do like to get the little foxes outside as much a possible, gardening is one of our pleasures.  But this year, until the last week or so, it has been quite a feat to maintain my enthusiasm for the Great British outdoors, thanks to our miserable weather.

The tomato seedlings above are in the studio at the moment, where I've discovered a use for some of those uneven pegs that were rejected from the last Crafty Boxes, (see here for my post).   The little foxes and I did most of the initial seed sewing in the garden a couple of weeks ago when there was a brief break in the weather.

We have an allotment.  We waited for over a year before being offered a large plot next to the gate house to the manor house in the village.  We are very fortunate that it is a large plot backing onto fields and separate to the rest of the allotments in the village that are opposite the church.  It makes it much more relaxing for me and my loud, rambunctious family to not feel like we are disturbing anyone else.

We started our seeds a little late this year, but now that they are under way this week we've been seeing things really springing to life in our greenhouse.  

In the greenhouse we have;
cavolo nero,
and various types of cucumbers, courgettes and squash.  While in the ground there are our potatoes, broad beans and a few remaining onions.

After our late snow and harsh frosts I am still a little nervous of planting anything else straight into the ground. But his Friday the weather was so good, we had to make a quick watering trip.  As we had the camera with us, Una took some pictures of the spring flowers.  This is my favourite, beautiful bluebells:

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  1. I love your allotment! My garden is quite small, and not much room for veg but perhaps I could squeeze some in next year.

    1. Thanks Jean. Our garden is also not very big and is on sloping ground, so, terraced that's why we got the allotment; so that I could get the veg in. There is always a bit of a struggle between the garden and the allotment for our attention. I think I had better even it up with the next post on the garden.

  2. How fabulous to have an allotment and be growing all those things. We have much work to do! Heading over from How does your garden grow :)

    1. We love the allotment, it's so great for the children too.

  3. Your allotment sounds like a fantastic location. I'd like that too so I could take my 3 year old a bit more often. He currently just likes running wherever he wants at the allotment and when I tell him No, don't run across over plots, he has big tantrums :)

    1. Thanks Homebird. We told ours that the beds were "the deep blue sea" and that they couldn't run on the deep blue sea could they? It kinda works on the kids, but, not on the dogs!

  4. Oh I would love an allotment, just the thought of one seems all dreamy. Such a wide range of things growing in your greenhouse - here's to a productive and bountiful Summer!

    Thank you ever so much for linking up x


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