Handmade Christmas Cards - The Not So Lonesome Pines.

So the Lonesome Pine Christmas card was simple and surely there couldn't be a more simple card to make... well, perhaps not more simple but then, maybe as simple.
Instead of the Lonesome Pine, which seems a rather sad title for a Christmas card (especially as the pine is not an unhappy one), we thought we'd bring in a few friends, hence the Not So Lonesome Pines.
Just as easy and just as beautiful.              

You will need;

  • card/heavy paper/old Christmas cards
  • scraps of wrapping paper
  • white paint
  • paintbrush (or finger)
  • glue
  • scissors
  1. Fold your card or use an old Christmas card and along the bottom half, messily paint a snowy landscape
  2. Cut triangles out of your paper scraps or old cards
  3. Cut some strips out of paper scraps for trunks
  4. Stick the trunks around the snowy landscape
  5. Stick a triangle over the trunk
  6. If you wish, using a finger or a chop stick, dot snow around the trees

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