Handmade Christmas Cards - The Lonesome Pine.

Making a beautiful Christmas card at home probably couldn't get more simple than this, yet the finished item is charming by this very simplicity.

You will need;

  • card/heavy paper/old Christmas card
  • old Christmas card (to cut shapes out of) or,
  • wrapping paper scraps
  • glue
  • scissors
  • white paint
  • paintbrush (or finger)


  1. Either fold a piece of card or use an old Christmas card and messily paint the bottom half white
  2. Cut 3 equal sized triangles out of your paper scraps
  3. Cut a strip of paper/card to use as a tree trunk
  4. Stick the trunk near the bottom of the card.
  5. Stick the triangles so that the top points overlap the next triangle to form the top of your tree
  6. Stick the tree over the trunk so that it pokes out of the tree's skirt
  7. Using white paint on your little finger or a chop stick, dot falling snow around the tree
  8. If you are using an old card, cut and stick a piece of paper inside over the old message so that you can write your new message to the recipient
Hey presto!  Easy for small and big people alike to make lots of these, all slightly different - same same but different, as they say in Thailand!

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