An Industrious Week in the Garden

A week in the garden, and it has finally felt like gardening.  I've been planting a few things, not the hellebore above I will admit, that was already in the garden.  There has still been much clearing and rubbish removing.  Please see below my favourite pile of rubbish so far.

I was pretty chuffed with this lot, none of it is actually going in the bin.  And I've found a duck house and what I intend to use as a chick brooder in the chicken coop and garage.  

The lawn is usually Mr Fox's domain, but this week I have ordered 30kg of grass seed - no idea if that is enough, 100g of wild flower seed mix, and 20kg weed, feed and moss killer.   The lawn I have now raked, cleared, scrapped, filled and finally scattered with the weed & feed.  There is still the rest of the garden to try and reseed with grass, but that will be for Mr Fox to get to grips with.  He's bought his stack of boy toys for the garden, he can use them.  As our friend Jon said:
"... he's a real man, he's got a ride on lawn mower, a chainsaw and an asbestos out-building" 
That final one I don't quite get; I think it's a dad joke maybe. 

Today, I've been pulling up ivy that makes up about 1/3 of the garden's ground cover, grass and stinging nettles being the other 2 thirds.   Having cleared ivy from down one side of the lawn to the first group of trees, I've started to plant my first bed.  I've only used plants that I have brought with me from our old garden or plants I've found in this garden, but want to move.  So far in the first bed, between the daffs, are 3 hellebores, 3 ferns, and some lambs ears (Stachys byzantina 'Silver Carpet').  It is in a slightly shady spot so I would appreciate any advice on shade loving plants that anyone cares to share.

Joining up with "How Does Your Garden Grow: again this week, press the icon below for more garden loveliness.

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  1. I have a watering can just like yours that I use daily to fill the chickens' water bowl.

  2. Love that iron watering can in the rubbish shot - looks like you've been very busy ! #hdygg

  3. Wonderful rubbish! Well done on clearing the ivy, it can be such a pain in the bum.


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