Reading List Two

This is a great book for anyone new to keeping chickens.  It orders the information well and is concise enough not to overwhelm, I like the way Mark Diacono writes.  I also love the pictures I will admit and this series of handbooks is becoming something I lust after.  Our chicks; Agatha, Astrid, Ashleigh and Anoushka were born last Wednesday and will be with us on Thursday in time for Easter.  Little Louis Fox has been counting down the days.

Mr Maggs is not my favourite person at the moment.  It seems that, when it comes to the Aga, I always do the opposite to what I am supposed to do, according to him.  -SIGH!-  However it seems there is a lot I need to know so I will swallow my pride and get on and read it.

Allotment Month by Month by Allan Buckingham
This book was our absolute bible 5 years ago when Mr Fox and I got our allotment.  It is a clear, practical and concise reference guide to what needs to be done in the garden and when.  Ours is covered in mud, ripped and water damaged, but I will still refer to it to get my brain in gear as I begin the work on our veggie patch.

About 10 years ago Mr Fox and I went to Cornwall on holiday and visited the Eden Project, while we were there we went to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  I came away feeling they were more amazing than the Eden Project itself.  I bought this book in the book shop, there were about 10 other books I would have loved too.  The Heligan Vegetable Bible is a book I love to flick through and make lists of the heritage breeds of fruits and veggies it mentions.  Heligan is an inspirational garden, and this book captures the depth and breadth of the amazing Victorian Country House garden.

Fork to Fork by Monty and Sarah Don
Mr Fox bought this for me one Christmas around a decade ago.  I love it, I've read it from cover to cover.  It is a beautiful book and I find it an inspiration.

And in case you are interested here is my Reading List One post.

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