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We love our dog walks, I’ve posted about this before.  We have a regular walk that we do daily and then special walks, usually on the weekend.  Even our daily walk provides us with so much to do, and is never the same.

This time of year along with scrummping for apples, plums, damsons, blackberries, sloes and elderberries (more on that later) there is also the fun of giant hay bales.  The challenge for the little foxes is to try to move one of the bales.  This all brings me to another of our favourite books; 

Tremendous Tractors  by Tony Mitton with illustrations by Ant Parker.  

Tremendous Tractors, children's books

“Later on a baler scoops
the stalks up from the ground
and shapes them into bales
which are bundles, square or round.”

My little boy fox, Louis, loves tractors.  He loves all vehicles really, and I’ve no idea why, he just does, it is not something either my husband or I have encouraged.  But tractors are his favourite.  He waves at every tractor that goes by and is so excited when the farmers wave back.  

This book was actually given to my daughter, Una.  Her friend Finlay was given Tremendous Tractors, and loved it so much that he was then bought the whole set of Tony Mitton’s Amazing Machines books.  So they gave us the duplicate copy.  Una really liked the book but Louis has commandeered Tremendous Tractors as one of his bedtime books.  To the point that we get to hear it so much, his sister and I, that we know much of it off by heart.  

There is no story, this is just a poetic exhortation of the tremendousness of tractors; really it is...  Who would of thought that it was possible to make tractors poetic but Tony Mitton has.  And it’s also really informative.  I didn’t realise quite how useful tractors are or that I could learn so much about them from a children’s book.  But honestly I know what harrows and seed drills and hoppers are and it’s all from Tremendous Tractors.  A great book and you can purchase it from Amazon from here.

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