Churros y Chocolate

Oh we had fun in Spain.  As we have 2 inset days at the start of this term, I am just going to put off that end of the holiday's gloom a little longer and remember the summer sunshine and good food.

Staying with friend's parents in Mijas we joined them for their Saturday morning treat of coffee and newspapers with churros and chocolate at the Churreria on Avenue del Compas.

Churros are long donuts.  The dough is piped into sticks through a star shaped nozzle, then deep fried.  They can be covered in sugar, or, as in our yummy case, dipped in melted chocolate.  Served warm, they come out onto the table on sharing plates and everyone dives in with glee dunking them into cups of chocolate.  For a few minutes there is contented silence and then giggles as the children paint themselves and each other with chocolate.

I used to like churros for breakfast when I lived in San Francisco, they are available at many Mexican restaurants.  And I have Caribbean friend's from islands with a latin background who eat them too.

I am a bit of a healthy food fanatic at home, but, I also think it's only fair for the little foxes to occasionally get to over indulge in food that might not be considered exactly healthy. I want them to love food, not just see it as a fuel.  And I usually make the exception for chocolate (or cheese)!

The little foxes - no surprise - loved churros y chocolate!

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