Little Ballerinas

Mrs Fox is rather chuffed with her paper ballerina craft kit.  We used to make paper angels for christmas like these.

To make them:
1. You first colour in your ballerina, then cut her out.  
2. We've used string with the ends knotted to create ballet shoes.  The string is stuck onto the back of the ballerina so that the legs dangle.
3. You then cut down the slits, per the diagram below, and slot the wings together.

"Ta Da, make her dance!"

We've made these for the Impress Theatre Art Show, "Get This party Started" at Hertford Theatre.  As Mrs Fox is providing the children with congratulatory gifts of sweeties and a mini make your own paper ballerina I am sitting here on Friday night stuffing sweeties into slightly too small bags and watching the Para Olympics.  With the lovely Mr Fox and my sister helping; thanks Guys xxx.

Little Una fox is dancing in the show.  She is very excited!  We wish her all the best, we know she'll be fantastic!  xxx

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