Ladybird Tuesday - The Party

I have a confession - I don't have time to post a blog for this weeks Ladybird Tuesday, I should not even be on the computer. 

Ladybird Tuesday

And the reason is above.  No, not the book, I don't have this book.  I would like it very much tho.

Una's birthday party is tomorrow and I should be sewing peacock feathers onto her tutu, baking her birthday cake & the cup cakes for the party, making tissue paper pompoms, painting the picture of the peacock for the pin the tail on the peacock, cutting out the tags for her party bags, the sweetie bag favours, sorting out her pass the parcel and musical bumps prizes and the tableware and ...

making a peacock tutu craft party kids children

I need a coffee...


I'll post details of how to create a fabulous peacock party and how to make the easiest tutu ever next week.  Or maybe the week after.  Louis' birthday is next week.  He wants a car party. *small sigh*


  1. I know what you mean about no time, I haven't had time to photograph my Ladybird books for Ladybird Tuesday in ages now. Must get onto it! Hope the parties go well. Happy Birthday to Una and Louis.

    1. Party's over, phew! Put my feet up now. Oh wait, no I won't, I've got another party and Crafty Boxes to do.

      Una & Louis say, "thankyou Carol"

      And I will be back on the Ladybird Tuesday wagon next week; looking forward to yours too. ; )


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