Making a Crafty Box - Part One

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes

So, as Mrs Jackie Fox 'beavers' away creating the Easter Crafty Box that will launch our new monthly craft boxes for children I am left chewing my paws in excitement.  I am to get the very first crafty box off the production line this weekend to user test the craft.  So, excited!

Meanwhile I am working on the packaging.  We want it to look all very natural, bio-degradable, repurposed, this is important to us both in the the look and the materials of our crafty boxes and their content.  So, what do you think?

If you don't know what I'm on about (where have you been?) take a look at yesterdays post, more details to follow very soon.  Don't forget you have to go over to our Facebook and 'LIKE' Mrs Fox's page to be in with a chance of 50% your first 2 years subscription.

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