Valentine's Craft for Kids - WIN handmade felt heart pocket

Maybe I am feeling a little guilty about my weekend of crafting without the little foxes.  Also, February is Birthday Month for us at Mrs Fox's Hertfordshire HQ, and while I've been thinking about all the family birthday's I've not really bothered too much with Valentine's Day.  Mr Fox is such a great husband and father that I really should do something to let him know just how much we appreciate him.

So, Monday after school, as I felt I needed to give the children a bit of undivided attention I though maybe we could do some Valentine's crafts for daddy.

Felt Heart Pockets 
Little Una Fox received various sewing kits for Christmas and has been itching to use them.  I thought that a simple sewing project would be a great way to give her a bit of practise.

You will need:
pencil & paper to make template
coloured thread, wool or embroidery silks

  • First we drew our heart template onto paper and cut it out, they were about 10cm across at the widest point.  Next we pinned the template to the red felt and cut round it.  
  • Then we took two pieces of felt overlapping them by about 2cm, we pinned them to our template and cut out our heart shape again.  Before unpinning them from the template we pinned these 2 pieces of felt together at a central point,  This is where the opening of the pocket will be.
  • Placing the two felt heart shapes together we used a simple running stitch in a contrasting colour to sew them together.  We started sewing at one side of the opening, following the outside edge of the heart until we were back to this starting point.  We then sewed across the opening flap of the pocket. 

We've filled our little heart pocket with LoveHeart candies for daddy.  This craft could also be used to make a little coin purse, or with a loop of ribbon can be hung. 

I made two of these little hearts alongside Una.  I've found that if I sit next to Una showing her a new skill by doing it myself she catches on pretty quickly and I can better explain how to do it, if I am doing it myself.

To celebrate the launch of Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes we are having a bit of a give-away week or so on our blog.  

WIN! - The hearts that I made, along with a set of 3 heart crayons (from the lovely BeeBee's Quirky Crayons) and a pack of mini LoveHeart candies are yours if you go across to our Facebook page, 'like' us and then pop a comment on this post telling me what you would like to see come through your letterbox this Valentine's Day. Una will pick the winner on Friday 9th February - so you are aiming to impress a 6 year old judge ; ) 


  1. Could I please have Unicorn sent through my letter box, which will make all my wishes come through for the whole special day!!! I hope this will please you little fox Una.

    1. The love hearts are yours Anna. Una was very impressed with your Unicorn through the letterbox.


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