Not all pegs are equal!

And I mean that quite literally after spending the morning replacing all the pegs in our Crafty Boxes.  I have Little Una Fox to thank for spotting it.  Little 'Una-belle' has become our quality control manager at Mrs Fox's HQ.

Today she quietly, but insistently, complained that one of the crafts I have created, a peg leg horse, was not working properly.  Una was playing with her Pipi Longstocking peg doll and her peg leg horse, on the cardboard roof, of the cardboard house she created some time ago for Caine's Carboard Challenge.

mrs fox's craft boxes for kids - Peg Leg Horse

The horse had had no problem standing during our final afternoon 'user testing' earlier in the week.  But today, with the new pegs I had bought especially for the Crafty Boxes it was not standing up.  And our clever little fox pup had figured out why.  The pegs were not equal, one half was slightly longer than the other, and so the horse would not stand.

So, this morning instead of packaging up the last of the boxes, I was re-packing them all with pegs of  less 'odd' dimensions.   Fortunately I am a fan of packaging so doing things twice is not the end of the world for me.  I am helped along on my mission by our beautiful Belle and Boo London Umbrella Parade tape.

Belle & Boo London Umbrella Parade Tape at Mrs Fox's

Along with the rest of Belle & Boo's beautifully designed products the illustrations on this tape are nostalgic and whimsical.  I love that when Mrs Fox's products arrive at our customer's front doors they look beautiful from the outside, as well as on the inside.

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